About Us

What began as an afternoon in the garage to fix a leaking compressor in the M5, quickly snowballed into many overnight parts orders, lots of trips to the machine shop, and a dangerous coffee addiction to figure out how to properly (and reliably) retrofit the E28 A/C system to R134a. After many months of development, countless hours with our engineering team, and a whole bunch of prototypes, the first version was ready for testing...then another one...and so on. With summer right around the corner, and a functioning system underway, the next step was to match the bractetry, hardware, and overall layout to match BMW's design language of the 80s. This included sourcing factory-like components such as the correct metric lock nuts, German-style eye terminals, and original corrugated heat shielding in addition to assembling a user guide that closely followed the well known Bentley service manual.

Fast-forwarding to today, with hundreds of satisfied enthusiasts using our products, we have become the leading supplier (and first to market) in offering a true plug-and-play A/C conversion kit for the E30, E28, and E24. A/C Solutions started out to solve a simple problem and, thanks to your feedback and involvement, has been able to successfully support the vintage BMW community to provide reliably cold A/C despite weather conditions.


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