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A/C Solutions BMW E30 Complete Conversion Kit

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Condenser and fan
Interior lines

Designed and engineered for the enthusiast, this conversion kit offers a complete, plug-and-play upgrade to the A/C system in the E30 to R134a using a modern Sanden compressor, CSF parallel flow condenser, R134a expansion valve, new R134a lines (inside and out), and all the necessary supporting bracketry. This upgrade will result in colder A/C vent temperatures, less strain on the engine, and a more efficient and durable A/C system.

Which model/year should I choose?
Use the mfg. date on the driver's door of your E30 as well as our supplemental user guide to select the appropriate combination for your car. For the M3, all variations ship with the late model filter drier and will require this safety switch if not already fitted.

Which condenser and fan should I choose?
For a complete and proper conversion, we strongly recommend using our new high performance CSF parallel flow condenser and SPAL fan combo for the most efficient A/C system. If you are planning to use your original OEM fan, we recommend using the Nissens condenser.

Do I need to replace my interior lines?
While your original R12 lines can be used, it's highly recommended to replace all rubber lines when converting to R134a to prevent against leaks.

What if my E30 didn't come factory with A/C?
Our products are designed to support factory A/C models; however, they can be fitted into non-A/C applications, but you will need to obtain a factory HVAC wiring harness, high-pressure drier return line (long metal return line), evaporator, aluminum engine accessory bracket (to mount our compressor bracket), and factory interior HVAC box with sensors, control module, thermostat, etc.

Check out our E30 install video!

Note: Models fitted with fuel coolers will have to be capped and removed. Images may not reflect all configurations of this product. This kit is not compatible with the 325iX or 318i/is.

What’s in the box?

  • Genuine Sanden SD5H14 (508) compressor
  • A/C Solutions Sanden compressor bracket
  • CSF parallel flow condenser w/ genuine SPAL 13" fan and hardware (optional)
  • Nissens parallel flow condenser (optional)
  • Interior line set (optional)
  • Low-pressure suction line (bulkhead to compressor)
  • High-pressure discharge line (compressor to drier)
  • High-pressure condenser return line (condenser to drier)
  • OE R134a filter drier
  • R134a expansion valve
  • Gates v-belt
  • R134a high-pressure adapter fitting
  • Compressor mounting hardware
  • Model specific R134a o-ring kit
  • R134a retrofit label
  • Wiring kit and misc. hardware
  • Detailed installation instructions (view)

This product requires no R&D, and is easily reversible using professionally engineered components, OEM-like hardware, and durable replacement parts resulting in a trouble-free installation that can be completed in 4-6 hours by a professional. It is designed to fit both stock and euro headers while providing ample clearance around the factory oil cooler lines and OEM brake ducting/undertray.

This kit assumes your vehicle is stock and still retains all original equipment. Proper functionality of the evaporator, expansion valve, and HVAC sensors is required for a fully functional system.

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    Condenser and fan
    Interior lines

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